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Our talented FRMS teachers work diligently to provide a positive, engaging, collaborative, challenging and welcoming academic environment for every child.

Each grade's course curriculum incrementally builds upon the rigor of the previous year, providing a stimulating, hands-on learning atmosphere. All students also have unique, individual access to the latest technology learning tools through the District 196 1:1 technology initiative. Each 6th, 7th and 8th grader receives an iPad to complete and turn in assignments, collaborate with their peers and their teachers. Each student is assigned to an Advisory Faculty member which is the first contact for parents with any general questions or concerns. 

2021-22 Back to School Events

NO CLASSES Friday thru Tuesday (September 3-7)

Wednesday, September 8, 8:20am-3:10pm: Students attend a regular full-school day school schedule

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6th Grade

6th graders learning science

7th Grade

two students working on tree project

8th Grade

8th grade student receiving award

Student Services and Resources

Building Bell Schedule

Daily Schedule

Doors open for student arrival at 8:00am


1 8:20 - 9:15
2 9:19 - 10:14
Advisory 10:18 - 10:48
3 & LUNCH 10:52-12:13


3A: 1st Lunch: 10:52- 11:17
Class 11:19-12:13 
3B: Class 10:52- 11:20
2nd Lunch:  11:20-11:45 
Class: 11:47-12:13
3C: Class 10:52- 11:48
3rd Lunch: 11:48- 12:13
4 12:17 - 1:12
5 1:16 - 2:11
6 2:15 - 3:10


FRMS lunch schedule listing 3rd hour teacher name and lunch time
A classroom of students working on homework.