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Gifted and Talent Development

Gifted and talented children are those students with outstanding abilities and capable of higher performance when compared to others of similar age, experience and environment. They have significantly different educational needs from their peers and require educational differentiation as a regular part of their school day to ensure they reach their full potential. District 196 uses multiple criteria to help identify gifted and talented students.

Screening and identification process

District 196 conducts universal screening at a district level to find students who are demonstrating outstanding abilities and are capable of higher performance when compared to others of similar age, experience and environment. We use multiple criteria for a strengths-based identification of gifted and talented students. 

We screen and identify students annually in grades 2 through 5.

  • All second-grade students enrolled in District 196 are universally screened.
  • In 2019-20, all third-grade students enrolled in District 196 are universally screened. In 2020-21 and moving forward, all fourth-grade students will be universally screened.
  • Students in grades 4 and 5 who are not previously identified but are demonstrating outstanding abilities may be screened by school request with parent permission. 

The identification process begins in October and ends in April. There is no screening available outside of this process.


October 12, 2020

Hello FRMS Families,

I hope you are doing well and are adjusting to this year’s Hybrid Model of learning. These opening weeks of school certainly took an adjustment period for each of us, and it is time to share with you some of the Enrichments will be offered this year. You will recognize a lot of our traditional offerings are still here, but you may also recognize some offerings are not due to limitations we face with our current structure and safety regulations. Most of the offerings are virtual at this time, so all learners can access them in a safe environment. As the year progresses, we will adjust the offerings and how they are delivered if we can. I am pleased to share the following three links with you, and I hope these provide rich and meaningful possibilities for your families to consider.

1. Virtual Field Trips for Young Authors, STEMLink, and The Creatives

(Sponsored by Success Beyond the Classroom) Registration opens Oct. 10th in My Payments Plus. Each Year-long Virtual Field Trip costs $30.

Click this link to preview these year-long, virtual subscriptions.

2. Mity (Minnesota Institute for Talented Youth offered through Macalester College, St. Paul, MN) Registration is open now. Online Classes begin October 19th. These classes do involve registration fees.

· Click this link for 8th-12th Grade “Expand Your Mind” programs

· Click this link for 5th-7th Grade “ExplorSchool” programs

3. Schoology Group Codes for FRMS Enrichment Opportunities

I am providing a link that will be updated in the next few weeks as teachers are creating some enrichment groups. Many of these groups will not start right away, but I wanted to provide the link to a document that has all kinds of enrichment opportunities for you to have as a reference. Please check back every few weeks.

Enrichment Opportunities at FRMS

4. In addition to these opportunities, please encourage your student to participate in the enrichments offered by their content teachers. Many teachers are working hard this year to build in activities/opportunities to expand the rigor of their course. Schoology folders should contain these offerings.

Michelle Pollei

FRMS Gifted and Talented Coordinator.

GT Coordinator

Michelle Pollei

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Falcon Ridge Middle School
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Summer Enrichment Opportunities Outside of FRMS/ISD196

Enrichment Opportunities and Information

GT and enrichment opportunities will be added as they are offered. Information will also be shared via the Falcon Ridge Middle School daily school announcements and weekly parent emails. (Be sure to sign up!)