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Having good school attendance is critical not only for students’ academic success, but also for their interpersonal and social growth. Falcon Ridge staff members are committed to working with parents and students regarding good school attendance.


Excused absences are illness, serious illness or death in the family, home emergencies and other types if excused in advance.
Reporting an absence: If your child is going to be absent for an appointment, illness, or other excused reasons (like religious holidays), please let us know by either calling our attendance line at 952-431-8764 or emailing at

If your child is attending summer programs, please directly contact the school where your child is attending their summer program to report an absence. The "Report an Absence" feature will be reactivated when the 2024-2025 school year begins.

Please use 952-431-8764 to call in an absence.

Unexcused Absences

An unexcused absence is an absence for reasons not acceptable to school authorities. Examples of unexcused absences include: oversleeping, missing the bus, staying home to babysit, need at home, and cold weather. These absences may be incurred with or without the knowledge of the parent or guardian. Students who are absent from school unexcused with or without parental knowledge, may require a parent conference upon the student’s return to school.


Appointments: If you are taking your child out of school for an appointment, please send them with a note, or call the attendance line (952-431-8764) in the morning so we can give them a pass. They will come out of class at the time of the appointment and you can just call from your car. We will send them out when you let us know you're here. The more we can plan ahead with passes, the better!

No students are to leave the building without following this process.

Please note: Students need a note from their own parent or guardian which indicated permission to ride with another adult to special events. Please be aware that the liability for transporting groups of students rests with the driver and owner of the vehicle. Student must be in attendance the entire morning or afternoon on the day of the activity to be eligible to pa


If you are dropping something off for your child they may have forgotten for the day
  • Please send them a message through Email
  • Drop the item off in the office.
  • Let them know that you're coming so they can just stop in the office between classes and we don't have to call them out of academic time to come to the office.


If you arrive at school tardy, check in at the office before you go to class. Excessive tardiness will not be permitted, and may result in possible consequences. Parents will be notified by an administrator in cases of their child’s excessive tardiness to class. Examples: oversleeping, missing the bus, homework and being late to homeroom or class.

School Responses For Each Incidence

  • First Tardy: Teacher conference with student
  • Second Tardy: Teacher conference with student
  • Third Tardy: Teacher call home and detention
  • Three tardies equals one absence.


Cases of truancy will be handled by the Administration. Parents will be notified as soon as possible if their child is truant. Cases of habitual or extended periods of truancy will be referred to the County Attorney, and will most likely involve juvenile court services.


Please report to the Building Secretary two days in advance to withdraw from school. She will give you a “Student Withdrawal Form.” All school books and school owned materials are to be returned, and all personal items removed from your physical education and regular locker.


The staff at FRMS has instituted a program to try and improve the attendance patterns of students. Most students at FRMS miss on the average of 6-8 days per year. You can review your student’s absences through Infinite Campus. Sometimes a student’s absentee pattern is an indication of other problems, either at home or at school. These problems are sometimes difficult to sort out, and we may need some assistance to deal with these situations. Other times, a student may have genuine physical concerns, and occasionally a student may have a combination of the two problems. Many times students are unaware of their excessive absence patterns. The counselors will work with individual students if attendance problems develop.

Medical Evaluation/Survey Policy

Evaluations that require teachers to complete surveys/rating forms will be dispersed and collected by the school counselor. The results of the surveys/rating forms will be sent directly to the medical professional. Please attach a stamped and addressed envelope with the forms.

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