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MyPaymentsPlus allows families to register children for school activities and pay for those activities by credit or online check option. The district will cover the credit card processing charges.

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Infinite Campus Portal, a web-based system that allows you as a parent to become even more aware of your child’s progress at school.

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Paypams allows parents to go to single website to pay for meal accounts.

District 196 Family Resources website for Paypams.

For further assistance, please contact your child’s school.

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Schoology is integrated with Google Drive and Infinite Campus to provide students, teachers and parents a networking tool to submit assignments, post grades, share feedback and take learning digital.

If you are prompted for a school when you login, type District 196, then select it from the drop down menu.

Instructions for turning on/off Student Overdue Notifications in Schoology.

Instructions to Add Child, another child to your existing Schoology account.

ONE TIME SETUP - Getting Started with your Parent Schoology Account 

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Sign Up 
  3. Click on Parent 
  4. Enter the Access Code for your student. This can be found on your Infinite Campus Portal under the Schoology Tab
  5. Enter YOUR personal Information in the additional fields  
  6. Click on Register

Family Resources


Gold Days:  Sept 14 - Oct 23

White Days:  Oct 26 - Dec 4

Gold/White Day Calendar

There are no events to display
1 A/B 8:45 9:28
2 A/B 9:31 10:15
Advisory 10:18 10:44
3 A/B & Lunch 10:47 12:05
A Lunch 10:45 11:10
B Lunch 11:13 11:38
C Lunch 11:40 12:05
4 A/B 12:08 12:52
5 A/B 12:55 1:38
6 A/B 1:41 2:25


Chart with class schedule for the week
Chart with Synchronous Learning (Zoom) Schedule for Digital Academy Students