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E-Learning Days

E-Learning Day Questions

What is an E-Learning day?
Minnesota law allows school districts to have up to five E-Learning Days per school year to allow students to continue their learning from home when weather conditions make it unsafe to attend school in person. In District 196, E-Learning Days are held IF there are more than two school cancellations in one school year; the third through seventh inclement weather days, if needed, would be E-Learning Days. Any students not scheduled to have school that day do not participate in the E-Learning Day.
What is expected of students?

In the morning of an E-Learning Day, students should check Schoology for instructions from their teacher(s) on that day’s assignments and are expected to be engaged with their required learning tasks. Teachers will post learning activities in Schoology by 9:30am. 

Students will be considered in attendance for an E-Learning Day unless a parent or guardian verifies an absence. 


Who do student's contact if they have questions?
If you have questions about a course activity, the student should email/message their teacher for clarification.

If you have technology issues, you should email Mr. Smith at for assistance. 
Will we be using Zoom for E-Learning?
No.  Teachers will not be leading Zoom sessions during an E-Learning Day.  Teachers will be responding to emails and messages from 9:30am-3:10pm.