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Locker Content Pickup Information

As the school year comes to an end, we want to guarantee that students are able to collect all their belongings in a safe and orderly fashion. The following information is for locker item retrieval, dropping off school owned items like textbooks, library books, and band instruments (only if you are NOT continuing in band for next year) via curbside pickup.

Curbside pick-up will be available, daily, June 2nd-June 5th, from 8am-4pm by your student’s assigned locker number.

***See detailed schedule in the table below these instructions for assigned curbside pickup times.***

Curbside locker pickup: location main entrance, top parking lot, (door #1).

  • Please give the staff member your child’s name and locker number.

  • Families with multiple students at FRMS should give all names and locker numbers of children to the staff member.

  • The staff member will retrieve your child’s bagged locker contents and put it in the trunk or hatchback area of your car.

  • If your child ordered a yearbook, the yearbook will be bagged with their locker belongings.

  • For 8th grade students who earned the Presidential Academic Award, your award will be bagged with the rest of your locker contents. There will also be some special items for 8th graders from the staff at FRMS as we say farewell and thank you for three great years!

Curbside return of school items (band instruments, library books, and textbooks): location main entrance near (door #1).

  • There will be a collection site once you have received your locker belongings.

  • Please allow only one person from each car to drop off these items at the assigned collection spot past door #1.

  • For students who are continuing with band class next year, please keep your instrument at home.

  • Students will keep their iPad over the summer unless they are going to a different school district.

Retrieving gym locker items: location lower level entrance door # 7.

  • If your child has items in a gym locker, you will drive to the lower entrance after retrieving items from the primary locker.

  • Your child may enter the building and proceed to the locker room, where a staff member will assist them with retrieving their locker items.

  • One student in the building and locker room at a time.

  • If your child knows their gym locker number and combination, we will empty the items and place them with their main locker contents to facilitate only one pick up. Please email if you know this information.

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