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WEB - "Where Everyone Belongs"

WEB is a year long leadership and mentorship program.

Selected 8th grade WEB leaders serve as leaders and mentors, welcoming 6th grade students to FRMS. WEB leaders facilitate our 6th Grade Student Orientation before the school year begins and continue connections throughout the year through team-building activities in Advisory.

WEB leader responsibilities include: 

  • Attending leadership training in the morning, August 31 & September 1.
  • Leading a small 6th grade group during the WEB Orientation
  • Providing tours to students and parents 
  • Leading team-building activities in the morning on September 2.
  • Assisting in opening lockers and reading class schedules
  • Tutoring opportunities
  • Organizing and helping put on the 6th Grade Party
  • Attending a day-long leadership field trip
  • Demonstrating leadership within their grade and classrooms
7th graders are invited to apply in the spring. We look for students with:
  • Strong communication skills
  • Demonstrate leadership within their grade and classroom
  • Ability to manage a small group
  • Self-confident and self-directed
  • Willing to take risks
  • Accepting of diverse ideas and personalities
  • Helpful to others
  • Enthusiastic attitude
  • Dependable and able to attend most activities
WEB Leaders will develop valuable leadership skills that they can apply throughout life. 
Before submitting an application,  check to make sure you can attend the mandatory training dates.
Watch for a new application in the spring, 2022.

Selection Process:  Commonly Asked Questions by Students/Parents

  1. How are students selected for WEB?

Students complete a WEB Application which highlights activities that they are involved in at school and outside of school.  In addition, they answer questions that give them an opportunity to share their personalities and leadership qualities.  These applications are read and the quality of the application is taken into account.

Applicants are shared with teachers and they indicate their strength based on leadership demonstrated throughout the school year, their confidence and self-advocacy, as well as their helpfulness and kindness to peers.  Grades are not considered, however, work ethic, accountability, and behavior in the classroom is extremely important.  Our WEB Leaders are expected to be Leaders in their 8th grade classrooms as well as with their 6th grade student groups. 

WEB stands for Where Everybody Belongs.  We believe strongly that our leaders reflect the diversity of our student body. We try our best to make sure every race, gender, social group, and a variety of personalities and interests are included. Attempts are made to extend personal invitations to groups that may be under-represented in WEB.

2. How many applicants are received and accepted?

Historically we have received between 140-175 applications for approximately 90-100 slots.  We pair WEB Leaders up with 6th grade advisories.  We limit the amount of accepted WEB Leaders to ensure that they feel accountable and are able to demonstrate leadership during their team building activities throughout the entire school year.  Too many WEB Leaders decreases their involvement and opportunities to lead. 

3. What if I am not selected?

This is always a possibility any time you apply for a leadership position. This does not mean that you are not a leader or can’t demonstrate leadership in school or in other activities. If you are not selected for WEB, we encourage you to participate in other offerings at FRMS, such as Student Council, Yearbook, Plays, Clubs, or Sports/Musical Ensembles.  They can be great places to shine!  We also highly encourage you to continue to apply for leadership positions at the high school.


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