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Classroom Student Printing

We've added a 3rd printer for student printing from ipads and chromebooks called frms_checkout_mobile. This printer is on a cart to be used in classrooms. Teachers can check out the printer from its Outlook Calendar and get the cart/printer from Tech Support in the Library. The printer will be powered off when not checked out so students should not print to it unless directed by a teacher.


When working with a telephone interpreter:
• Introduce yourself to the interpreter.
• Brief the interpreter about the information that will be shared.
• Introduce everyone present to the client and describe the purpose of the meeting.
• Limit your communication to sections of manageable lengths. The general rule is two sentences at a time.
• Pause often to allow the interpreter to speak and expect the interpreter to interpret everything that is said by yourself and your client.
• Keep in mind telephone interpreters rely entirely on linguistic input. They have no visual cues (such as body language) to assist in the interpreting.
• Clearly indicate the end of the session to the interpreter.
Telephone interpreting may not be appropriate if:
• The meeting will be lengthy;
• Visual aids are needed; or
• Documents are needed as references.
Here is a short video, explaining this process.
Chart with 2020  Language Line Instructions